Remember to stop and look at the flowers

On a recent tromp through the brush, I stopped to see the flowers.

Not too long ago I was out in the middle of a field (looking for a lost rocket if you must know) when I remembered to remember what’s important, that is look around.

I grabbed my camera (yes, my iPhone) and snapped a shot of the flowers at my feet.


Get out and make fire happen

I’ve been dabbling in model rocketry recently and a good friend recommended a set of books on the topic. Now I have nothing against books, and learning is always valuable, but I’ve always valued getting out and doing something over just sitting around and reading about it.

So I drafted a somewhat flippant response:

I like the book “Making Fire Happen” by, me.

It’s a small book, one page, one sentence: “Get out and make fire happen.”

But in re-reading it, it still sounds pretty good.

I chose “fire” because of the reference to rocketry of course, but it’s implications work almost anywhere you’re looking to create heat, light or intensity (with perhaps some risks attached).


Front Porch Airshow

Top Banana sunset
Julie Clark on approach to Cameron Park Airport. Full frame too.

If you’re a fan of the old warbirds, living near an airport has it’s perks. I shot this of Julie Clark as she passed overhead. I deliberately panned on her hoping she’d pass directly across the sun, but she didn’t quite. Lots of flare in in the 80-200, but not so much as to ruin the shot.

Exhaust vents
These are not on my maps of the site. They're clearly some kind of exhaust tubes, I assume for the Power House, even though that's shown elsewhere on the map.

Like my foray’s to the old bunkers at what used to be Mather AFB, I finally got access to the old Titan 1 missile base outside of Lincoln, Ca.

I got to accompany a reporter from The Sacramento Bee on a tour of the abandoned base for a story and while the base is completely flooded due to ground water, wandering around in the weeds has become something of a norm on trips like these and to me is still kinda fun.



Remember Winter?

Ducks and snow
Shot last winter up at Jenkinson Lake. I finally got the film developed.

Winter has always been my favorite season and even though this summer has been a relatively cool one, I like to think we’ll have some relief soon…

Standing out even in bright light
At the after-hours party, this guy was bright even in the bright lights.

Last week I went to the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco and as usual (I’ve only missed one I/O, you see) I came back excited about the future and all hot on new technology.

Of course the stark contrast to all this cool innovation is the current state of the newspaper cum online news industry, which left a very small tinge of sadness around things — but that’s a post for another time.

Android was, naturally, the big focus but Google is a lot more than a one trick pony (again, there’s that tinge) so there was plenty of developer love for the non-Android types. There were tracks on Geo, App Engine, Google Apps, and handful of others as well. Some of the things that caught my eye were:



First warm Spring day
FINALLY. It's been cold and rainny for so long, we finally got some sun and could go out and get in trouble...

Spring has sprung, finally.

Empty swing
Also out with the kids with the M3.

Well, this is the longest dry-spell ever on this blog. Don’t feel bad, I rarely update Twitter these days either.

Fear not, I’m not dead.

I do get out an shoot on occasion, often throwing back to actual film with my trusty Leica M3, so I’ll try to post more photos and their stories here.

Oh and maybe a few rants on the state of the newspaper industry….


SacTraffic Extreme Updates

Ok, there’s been another flurry of updates to SacTraffic.org that bring about a number of major changes behind the scenes. No wait, “changes” is too weak a word, “total freakin’ rewrite” would be more appropriate here.



Street Photography in SF

St. Francis at night

The wife and I hit San Francisco earlier this week and, you know it, I brought along a few cameras.

Forgetting the lessons learned from a few vacations ago I figured my D300 and a few lenses would be a good thing to shlep around and photograph with but I soon remembered that, oh yeah, it’s heavy.

Sure, my new love, the Nikon AF Zoom-NIKKOR
80-200mm f/2.8D ED
(one of Nikon’s best kept secrets by the way) is unbeatable and didn’t fail to impress, but after a few miles on foot, nothing says “superfluous” like a 120-300mm equivalent lens taking up room in a sholder bag.

Ultimately I fell back on, and had the most fun with, just my trusty Panasonic LX-3 and of course the Leica M3.