So industry pundits have told me to Facebook. Ok, now I have and as others have said before, social sites are really desolate landscapes unless you have friends.

Howard Weaver says he’ll be my friend and that’s nice and all, but where are my real friends? Understand that most of my friends are involved in technology in some way (hey, it says “geek” up there) and yet very few — no wait, none — of my real life, non-work related friends have even heard of Facebook, or Twitter or del.icio.us or any of these other supposedly newspaper killing social/sharing sites let alone use them.

In fact most of my own coworkers haven’t either (that may be indicative of a whole different issue, I’m not sure).

Yes, I can literally say: I virtually have no friends.


So where are these “disruptive” hoards? On Facebook I looked through a list of potential friends linked to me by our common employer, and considering you’re talking about a pool of over 20,000 people, Facebook showed me 34.


I can’t help to think that, while I personally think they’re as cool as the pundits tell me they are, social web sites are just the windmills that newspapers are tilting at.

To be sure, of the 34 faces that peered at me from the Facebook pages, very few looked to be over 30. The time will come, when they’re gray haired and using the special door for the Corp. VPs, when our world will be different.

But not today.

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